“It doesn’t have to be a new story for you to hear about it for the first time…”

The State Premier is dead. While the public mourns, his former lover, news producer Stella, can only secretly grieve for a part of herself she thought she had abandoned. But grief has a way of taking over: the past becomes present and the private becomes public as Stella’s loss seems to touch and envelop everyone she encounters. Meanwhile, the hosts of the primetime comedy/news show Breaking are after a scoop…

“A sharp cunning script, fogging our glasses with poignant pop culture (re)current affairs… One truly excellent piece of contemporary theatre.”

— Emily Rutherford, SameSame

Written & directed by
Seanna van Helten & Penny Harpham

25 – 30 September, 2012
Sketch & Tulip, Melbourne Fringe

Performed by:
Zoe Boesen
Christopher Hunter
Morgan Maguire
Freya Pragt
Michael Wahr

Set and poster design/ Hanna Sandgren
Costume design/ Owen Phillips
Composition and sound design/ Narayana Johnston
Lighting design/ Ian Tsaoussi
Stage management/ Megan Hall
Fundraising/ Christopher Woodroffe
Photography/ Misho Baranovic