Bock returns to her desolate hometown to find her father. But she’s not the only one looking for him. Late at night in a nowhere town, girls roam the street, men hide for cover under their beds, and nobody is left without blood on their hands.

Award-winning playwright Adam J. A. Cass and She Said Theatre storm into La Mama with a powerhouse all-female cast. Memories become nightmares as five lives are inextricably caught in a forever-yesterday dystopia, pinned, all flapping wings and buzzing.


“Director Penny Harpham has the performances coursing with dangerous immediacy. This disturbing theatrical world [treats] violence and disempowerment with…psychological acuity and poetic stylisation.” 
— Cameron Woodhead, The Age ****

“Riveting and disturbing, building as it goes to moments of black humour, terror, and surprising tenderness. It’s edge-of-your-seat stuff.”

— Gabriel Bergmoser, Theatre People ***1/2

“The script hums with a truly fearful and violent tension, perfectly realised in Penny Harpham’s slick direction and exquisitely performed by a stunning all-female cast.”
— Jack Beeby, AussieTheatre.com

“Cass’s script…shakes the tiny theatre, brought to life by mostly women… The complex questions about agency, patriarchy and victimhood will rattle you long after you leave the theatre…”
— Stephanie Liew, theMusic.com.au ****

“Disquieting… Perplexing… Subtly reveals its truths bit by bit… about the damaging and dividing of young women….”
— Suzanne Sandow, Stage Whispers

“Strong direction… Raw and authentic… an enthralling piece of Fringe theatre that has a lot to say about society’s treatment of women.”
— Myron My, Theatre Press

Written by Adam J. A. Cass
Directed by Penny Harpham

Performance dates:

16 – 27 September
Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015

La Mama Theatre
205 Faraday Street, Carlton, Victoria

Performed by:
Emma Annand
Emina Ashman
Ruby Hughes
Annie Lumsden
Marissa O’Reilly

Set and costume design/ Owen Phillips
Composition & sound design/ Raya Slavin
Lighting design/ Jason Crick
Dramaturgy/ Seanna van Helten
Assistant director/ Anna Kennedy
Production management/ Tonie-Rayne Steele
Stage management/ Emma Palackic
Poster image/ Bronwen Kemp
Production photography/ Misho Baranovic