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The Quiet Bite

“Behaviorists call predatory killing the quiet bite because predatory killing is not done in a state of rage… Inside the brain, predatory killing and angry aggression are not the same thing. Not even close.”
Temple Grandin

This is Medea, re-examined. The knife’s edge between murder and mercy. A study of the monsters within, the truth about dying, and the pacification of women in our society. There is a reason we don’t talk about mothers who kill.

“Stones is a brilliant performer… She fills every inch of the room with her candour and dark wanderings… Extremely thought-provoking, absorbing, and uniquely provocative.”
— Lisa Dib, Web Wombat

“Not an adaptation… an evisceration. It breaks apart myths and assumptions about women and mothers with ever-increasing ferocity. Equally chilling and visually engaging… leaving no stone unturned.”
— Tennessee Mynott-Rudland, Aussie Theatre 

Created & Performed by Kate Stones
Directed by
Anna Kennedy

Composition & Sound Design / Raya Slavin
Production Design 
/ Chloe Greaves
Dramaturgy & Produced by / Penny Harpham & Seanna van Helten
Photography & Graphic Design / Eline Ceyssens

First performed:

16 September – 1 October, 2016
Fringe Hub: Arts House – Parlour Room
Melbourne Fringe 2016